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For Development of Superior Master Keying Systems

MasterKing® creates superior master keying systems faster than ever before. Enter some basic information and MasterKing® will generate your systems quickly and easily! MasterKing® eliminates transposed or repeated numbers, as well as uncuttable keys. Manually writing master key systems can be very time consuming and error prone. Use MasterKing® to produce accurate systems in minutes instead of days!

Features of MasterKing®:
  • Allows Manipulation of the Key Bitting Array
  • Multi-User/Level Password Security
  • Modifiable Report Format allows you to print only what you want
  • Powerful Database Feature allows you to export your systems in Text, RPT, Dif, ODBC, Tab or Comma Separated, Excel, Lotus or Word Format
  • Contains a Database of more than 150 Lock Types from over 50 Manufacturers
  • Allows Entry of New Manufacturers through Custom Hardware Feature
  • Very Intuitive and Easy to Navigation
  • Able to Generate 1 to 5 Levels in List Format
  • Displays Change Keys, Block Master, Row Masters, Vertical & Horizontal Grand Masters, Page Masters, Multi-Page Masters and the TMK in Page Format
  • Supports Cross-Keying
  • Supports Total Position Progression and Rotating Constants
  • Handles Locks Containing 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 Chambers
  • Computes Driver and Control Pins in Interchangeable Core (IC) Systems
  • Allows Manual Entry of Existing Systems
  • Allows Customized Progression Sequence
  • Allows Entry of Descriptions for Each Bitting
  • Automatic Manufacturer Specification Fill-In with Easy Editing Capacity
  • Help File and Tutorial
  • Search by Bitting, Key Symbol or Description
  • Bonus CD: "How To Create Master Key Systems (No. HT-CMK1) 
MasterKing® has been completely redesigned from the ground up. MasterKing® will guide you through the development of simple or complex master key systems step by step. You can set up systems very quickly using defaults and factory specifications or adjust and fine tune almost every aspect of your system to tailor it to your needs.

Start by searching by Manufacturer, DSD, or Key Blank through a database of over 150 different lock types from over 50 different manufacturers. Add your own custom hardware or custom specifications. You can also view complete Manufacturer specific Depth and Spacing information.

MasterKing® gives you the ability to adjust manufacturer specifications to fit your needs. Change the number of chambers, MACS, progression steps, as well as shortest and longest master pins and shallowest and deepest cuts.

Create a master key system in a few simple steps. Choose the number of levels. Enter a TMK. Then choose which chambers to progress. If you want, you can also edit the progression sequence and bitting array.

MasterKing® will calculate the actual bittings, eliminating all MACS violations before you finish. If the calculated system doesn't meet your criteria click BACK and make the necessary changes. If all is okay click FINISH and your system is done.

Using the LIST format, create five level systems using the Total Position Progression method or two level systems using the Rotating Constant method.

From one screen view the entire hierarchy of your system. Find masters and change keys quickly by searching by bitting, key symbol, or comments.

Use the PAGE format, to create multi-level systems containing Block and Row Masters, Vertical and Horizontal Grand Masters, Page and Multi-Page Masters.

MasterKing® supports lock systems with 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 chambers and computes driver and control pins in Interchangeable Core (IC) Systems.

Offer your customers complete flexibility with MasterKing's efficient cross-keying functionality. Then easily identify intentional and incidental cross keys guaranteeing a secure system.

Keep track of your customers and their master key systems in MasterKing's built-in customer database.

Powerful database feature allows you to customize reports and print only the information you need. You can also export your system in Text, RPT, Dif, ODBC, Tab or Comma Separated, Excel, Lotus, or Word formats.

For Development of Superior Master Keying Systems

No. MK-5PK
(CD-ROM format)
(Five-User License, CD-ROM format)

MasterKing® includes How To Create Master Key Systems HT-CMK1 (CD-ROM format).

Minimum Requirements: Runs on: Downloads to:
  • IBM Compatible Computer
  • 486 or Pentium® Microprocessor
  • 16 MB Available Internal Memory (RAM)
  • 5 MB Hard Disk Space
  • Microsoft Windows® 95, 98, 2000 or ME
  • VGA Monitor



CLICK HERE to download a demo of MasterKing®.

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